The LORD God says: We love you because we love you, not because of the Performance works and arts that you have done. We simple and deeply love your You-ness!

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John: Thank you for your mercy and grace. We need it all because of our addictions and appetites toward:

  • Performance for approval—from self or others or God—runs so deep. If I was better, wiser, less extreme, stronger, and kinder then, doggonit, people and God and I would like me.
  • Performance evaluations and judgments—toward self, others, and God—run deep too. We opine: “If they would only do things more quickly, correctly, nicely, or happily everything would be alright.”

Frankly, LORD, we need your holy-love on both sides of this Performance stuff—loving self and others and you—your way not ours.

LORD God: Yes! You’ve got it! Yes! We loved the world so much we came along to die, rise again, and live forever for everyone–Believe it or not; of course, we hope you will. Yes! We really do and really can love, all of you.

Yes! Plug in and love through us.