Connecting with Jesus in Your World


We seek to inspire, equip, and support those who long to experience Jesus-style church where two or three are gathered
in Jesus’ name.
Matthew 18:15-20


We succeed when believers function as empowered ministers attracting learners and immersing them in Papa Father, Lord Jesus , and Holy Spirit to keep Jesus Christ’s commandments
Matthew 28:19-20 


Relationships with God, self, and others are more important than earthly projects, positions traditions, systems, achievements, and appearances.
Matthew 23:26

Connecting Connections Connectors

        One thing matters at Connections’ Ministries

—One another Connections—with you as a Connector!

Therefore, we specialize in interactive communications.

First, empowering interactive communication with God. 

Second, educating believers toward biblical self-love.

Third, encouraging one another unto love and good works.