We had a great “Listening Day in the Redwoods” on August 3, 2019.

A happy participant writes,
“I enjoyed the atmosphere of joy and laughter; just being glad to be with one another. And the two simple rhythms (i,e., Listening to each other at a heart level and Listening to God for self/others. Video Explanation ) made a predictable agenda where we can enter into some of the mysteries of God.

They continue,
“I love hearing how people are checking in at a heart level and then listening for the Lord’s response.”

So fellow-sojourner, if you “hear” a word or feel a nudge to join us Saturday, November 16, 2019, please do so!

Here’s how. A free Eventbrite ticket is waiting for you. CLICK_HERE to learn more and register. We hope you will.

Giv’m Heaven!
John Parker

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