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“But the noble make noble plans, and by noble deeds, they stand.” (Isaiah 32:8, TNIV)

Make plans. “The righteous (in Jesus’ righteousness) person plans their way and the LORD directs their steps.”

And, especially make noble plans.

Noble here in our Isaiah 32:8 verse is translated from the Hebrew word NDB (naw-deeb). NDB is also translated elsewhere the Hebrew Bible as princely, generous, free, or willing.

Let’s ask ourselves if our plans are noble and generous, freely given, with a willing heart. In other words, Christ (Our Great Prince)-centered and honoring.

If yes, stand with them. Be assertive and clear. Lead with life and love of Jesus as you move forward in the plans he’s given you.

Are you making a grocery list? A to-do list? A business project plan? Let the Lord joyfully enter into your noble plans.

Declaration: “Nothing is mundane and boring anymore. I am noble and royal in Christ. My plans are noble with love and caring. They are generous (not spiteful, selfish, or satanic). I will gently and firmly stand with all love and dignity in these noble plans!”