Novel Virus. New Victories. Be EnCouraged!

Got questions and concerns as you are going through COVID-19?

Join our ZOOM call Sunday/tomorrow at 10 -11 AM.

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Our West Coast Zoom Team Members —Mina, Kristina, Rob, and John —will gather with you and other participants to listen, visit, share, and pray regarding how COVID-19 and Jesus affect our lives today.

You can get on the call and just listen, or whoever wants to, can rate, comment on, and discuss the following questions:

  1. What’s Your Cabin Fever Rating? 1 = none / 10 horrible
  2. How’s Work Going for You?          1 = very well / 10 horribly
  3. How’s Your Spiritual Life Doing? 1 = very well / 10 horribly
  4. How’s Your Family Life Now?        1 = very well / 10 horribly

Mina, Kristina, Rob, and John will each answer (for 1 minute each) either 1. “How are you coping?” or 2. “What’s helpful for coping during COVID-19?”

If there’s time, we’ll take comments between each leader’s sharing.

Finally, during our Listening to the LORD time (2 minutes) we will ask: “Lord, what would you like us to hear or see?” and share. And best of all, we will offer thankful, life-giving prayers.

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Join by phone:

Meeting ID: 337 403 751
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Be Encouraged!
See you on Zoom,

John Parker