In our Group of Two (GOT) this week we decided to read anxiety-combating Bible passages! The first one we read was Matthew 6:24-34.

After reading and reflecting, the other GOT member picked verse 34. They shared, “Choosing to get closer to God is the key to overcoming anxiety about future stuff like school, money, and health issues. I want to do that.”

After hearing that, I was startled because I picked verse 24 where Jesus says we must choose between God and all the other stuff (the material solutions god’s ways personified as/named Mammon).

So, both verses made it clear to me that choosing God’s Way is the key to overcoming anxiety. Since then, I have been intentionally telling God that I choose him! Sometimes, in the car with the windows rolled up, I have shouted my choice—just to be clear!

Just one step can help: Choose!

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Give’m Heaven!
John Parker