Good morning

Papa Father,

Lord Jesus and

Holy Ruah (Hebrew for Spirit, Wind),

Thank you All, for You All.

You are faithful even when we are not.

You remember even when we forget.

You think about us

even when we jump into our own thinking

and don’t think about you

and don’t even want to think about you.

Thank you that nothing about us surprises or alarms or scandalizes you.

Thank you that you can sit in the heavens and chuckle over


earthly, fleshly, arrogant, selfish, sinful ways

because you have already seated your Son, Jesus, on his throne

and you know that your love will prevail and save us!

Thank you that you came by and found us

thank you that we have already confessed

(or right now, can confess!)

Jesus as our Lord.

Thank you that we have prayed the prayer

Jesus’ taught us to pray:

“thy name, thy kingdom and thy will be done”

which gives you

our permission to get it done in us

in spite of our old self.

So, we cannot continue in sin.

And, our new self is delighted that

you are stronger than our old self,

and that you are winning and will win

over our games, stupidity, and earthly pride.


(Verses for above: Psalm 2, Matthew 6:9-14; James 3: 14-18; 1 John 3:9; 2 Timothy2:11-13; Romans 10:9-10, 13)