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Me: I love my time with you all (Papa Father, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit: God). How do you want me to spend it?

God: On us! LOL! We like hanging out with you and we have plenty of time to do so.

Me: Okay. I will spend this time with you. Lavishly, I hope!

Thank you all for being friends with each other. When I think of that and your teamwork, I am delighted. That is a dream come true.

God: Why? We are curious.

Me: I have longed to belong. (Here I listed that names of those I’ve tried to be close to over the years with more or less, usually less, success.)

I see your mutual, eternal friendship it in the Creation accounts of Genesis 1 and Proverbs 8. I experience it within my own being through John 14:23, 27 where it is clear to me that “the place you have prepared for us” is not only in heaven but right now existentially in my heart (our hearts). And speaking of the heavenlies—I love that we are already seated “together” with you (all) in Christ per Ephesians 2:6.

God: We have always enjoyed being with each other. We want you to join us as a group of four. By the way, since we are God Almighty, we can have groups of four (the three of us plus one) with an infinite number of individuals. Throngs are nice, but sitting at the table with a few is quite nice too. Revelation 3:20