Redwood forest trail

Here’s how it started this beautiful  Saturday morning…

I, John, shared with my Holy Family:

I love you and praise you, Papa my father, Jesus my Lord, and Holy Spirit my dear helper and guide.

The Lord asked:

Why do you love us, beloved John?

I answered:


  • You are teaching me how to love
  • You love the weak, little, last, lonely, scared, confused
  • You love the posers who act big because that’s the way they learned how to act
  • You love quietness, peace, listening, caring, empathizing, waiting
  • You love discovering, uncovering, confessing
  • You love repenting, restoring, returning, renewing, and reviving
  • You love communication, commonality, communion, and community
  • You love expression, creativity, artistry, beauty, rhythm, and symphony
  • You love truthfulness, light, enlightenment, illumination
  • You love diversity, concord, unity, accord
  • You love exploration, investigation, discovery, acquisition
  • You love joy, jubilation, celebration, recognition, praise, applause
  • You love seeing, including, being, belonging, I AM-ing & You ARE-ing
  • You love caring, giving, nurturing, sharing, empowering
  • You love esteeming, glorifying, rewarding, recognizing, complimenting
  • You love delegating, supporting, supplying, enriching

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