The blood of Jesus, God’s Son, continually cleanses us and empowers us for life. (John 1:7)

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John: Good morning, Papa, thank you for the blood in our physical bodies that continually cleanses and feeds us. More so, thank you for the living, eternal blood of Jesus that continually cleanses and feeds us through Jesus.

Papa Father: Gladly. We always do. That is what makes his blood so good and powerful—It washes forever. His blood sprinkles the throne. It lives! It is everything in its glory.

I am so pleased and proud of my son, Jesus. He obeys me and saves the world through the pure power of his shed blood. Now, I can have so many sons and daughters to call my own and be my friends.

My heart is infinite in its capacity to love and share. Jesus’ obedience makes it all possible. My children/friends are real people who have gone through “hell” and made it through—in Jesus—into everlasting life. Now, we can visit and be friends!

John: Thank you, Papa Father. I like the fact that I have suffered in various ways. It helps me understand and relate better to Jesus and you, Papa. It also helps me be more human for others. It helps me let go and trust because I have seen you take care of me and others through it all.

Thank you.