Wednesday, December 19, 2018: I, John, talking with
The Holy Family, The Church of Three (CO3) which then becomes our CO4 since I’m in with Them. (The too-personal for-public-consumption has been edited out to protect all parties, but I am trying not to clean up the conversation too much, so you can “see and hear what I see and hear” in all this.)

John (J): Good morning, Papa Father, Lord Jesus, and Holy Ruah (Hebrew: wind, spirit) 

I’m checking in as scared, anxious, angry, sad, grateful, disappointed, delighted.

CO3: Of course. What do you want to say about all of it?

J: Thank you for asking. I am very grateful that you care!

I feel scared because of the burdens and uncertainties that “get to” me. I am ashamed of feeling this way, But I know you love and like me anyway.

CO3: Fear not, Littlefaith (note: this is God’s “baby-talk” to me and not a “put-down”). We love you and are using you mightily for our kingdom.  

J: Then all is well. Thank you for helping me with everything! 

Please show me how to do stuff (a business item) your way. 

CO3: Okay. We will. Receive our peace to keep your heart and mind.

J:  I do. Thank you. I already feel better—more peaceful and optimistic.

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Giv’m heaven!

John Parker, M.A.
Virtual Community Connector 
Connections Minirtries, Inc.