Good morning, Papa Father, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit/Wind=from Ruah in Hebrew. (PJR) (Click “source” for whole post)

Please hold me close to you. Never let me go.

I believe you are here now, sitting next to me, but, I have work to do. Please hold-me-still with you so I can truly calm down. I pursue performance and perfection and people-pleasing and earthly praise. Please save me from such distractions!

I love you, Papa Father, Lord Jesus, and Dear Ruah (PJR for the following dialogue):

PJR: We love you, John. What is on your mind?

Me (JSP): I want to be immersed in our relationship rather than in anxiety and striving.

PJR: Why do you want this? We are happily curious.

Me: I think it’s because it reminds me of being with my family as a junior high boy. One of my highest and deepest days was when Dad took my college-age brothers, Marty (a senior) Dave (a freshman), and I for a ride in Dad’s new 1964 T-Bird. We lived in Yuba City, and Dad drove us to see a movie, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World,” at the wrap-around-screen Cinerama in Sacramento.

So my answer is when I experience sitting closely with the three of you, PJR, it feels the same way, and I am happy.

PJR: Why?

Me: Because I felt, and now I feel, included.

It occurs to me, that’s why Mary, the sister of Martha, is my hero. She scooted closer to you, Lord Jesus, and nothing, not even being scolded by Martha in front of Jesus and his disciples, could dissuade her. (Luke 10:38-42)

  • Jesus said, “She has chosen,” and we know that choice took her deeper.
  • Later, she weeps at Jesus’ feet about her dead brother, Lazarus. (John 11:34)
  • Finally, she is reproached and ridiculed for “wasting” expensive oils to anoint Jesus’ feet.  (John 12)

I want to choose her choice more and more. Deeper first!

PJR: Why?

So I can rest, rejoice and be real in you. And hear you. And see you. And follow you.

PJR: Sounds good. Shalom.

Thank you! This was great. I am calmer and quieter.

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P.S. I like PB&J (Peanut Butter and Jelly) but I like PJR more.—JSP LOL!