Do you wish someone would truly hear your heart, and mind, and gobbledygook? Sometimes, because of stuff-that-has-happened, God seems too far away for that. These days, I know people who hear!

The facilitators at our Listening Retreat at Fasting Prayer Mountain last weekend are great examples.

Their joy is listening to God for people, and never, never, ever do they take away a person’s ability to hear for “them-self.” Rather, they strengthen that.

I asked our Listening Retreat Facilitators (LRF) for their highlights about the Listening Retreat. Here’s what they sent in (thank you, LRFs!):

One LRF writes: I enjoyed the atmosphere of joy and laughter; just being glad to be with one another. And the two simple rhythms (i,e., Listening to each other at a heart level and Listening to God for others. more) made a predictable agenda where we can enter into some of the mysteries of God. I love hearing how people are checking in at a heart level and then listening for the Lord’s response.

Another LRF writes: I am always amazed at the variety of things people see and hear when we listen to God for others.

This (yours truly) LRF writes: I watched both tears and laughter as retreat members felt, heard, and had breakthroughs! It’s the joy of my life. It’s healing of the best kind!

Our fourth LRF texts: I felt a place of safety, belonging, and acceptance in an environment with those who have learned the value and the art of truly setting their own thoughts aside. They clearly listen to the hearts of others and the heart of God for themselves and others. It is a place of feeling known and loved, by God and others, right where you are. It’s the encouragement to believe for things bigger than yourself. It’s a strong desire to bring others to experience this healing for themselves without coercion or pressure. Safety is the word.

The previous LRF listened during the retreat for our fifth and final LRF, a local business owner. This is what she heard: “The Lord says, ‘I am delighted in your faith and trust in Me. It pleases me greatly and allows Me to move unhindered in your life and with those I  have temporarily placed in your care. As you have cared for them all these years, I was caring for them too and also through you. I will not stop. You can trust me with that…with them. I know you do. I will use this in [all] your lives. I will use you and your trust to help them in trusting also. I work all things together for good for those who love me and are called according to my purpose. (Romans 8:28; and Isaiah 40:8 – 11 (especially v. 11).

Wow! Wonderful!

We’re already wanting to do another Listening Retreat. Your interest will spur us on! Please email “YES” if you are interested in a future Listening Retreat.

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Giv’m heaven!

John Parker
Connections Ministries