Today’s Morning Praise—a prayer-conversation with the LORD, thanking each of the Three-Who-Are-One.)!

Me/John: Good morning Papa Father, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit!

Thank you, Papa Father, thank you for your eternally complete love and for bringing me/us into it. I am delighted with the idea of learning to love.

Thank you for the word last week about the power of “dying;” that the loss of hope and power can shift our affection to better things. Losing human-hopes allows us to live for forever-hopes.

Thank you that my life doesn’t feel trapped or mechanical. With you, I have a growing sense of freedom. I am increasingly feeling free of tugging distractions and subtle longings. Thank you for answering my prayers from many years ago. I feel much less double-minded.

Papa Father: I love you, John, and I have always heard your prayers—even the ones in your heart that you never formulated or articulated. We have been giving you the desires of your heart before you ever knew them. We knew your longings from infancy. We designed the framework of them and we are staying with them unto the great day of Jesus Christ! What we began we will finish. (Philippians 1:6)

Me/John: Thank you that I am not missing something, or failing something. Thank you that you are working everything together for good—for you, for others, and, moment-by-moment, for me.

Papa Father: Thank you for noticing and appreciating me and us.

Me/John: Good morning, Lord Jesus. Thank you for your courage, for your willingness to come down here and walk in obedience and love. My admiration for your resolute obedience to Papa Father is off-the-charts!

I love that you obeyed by listening and seeing. Aa you explain: Whatever I hear my father saying I say. Whatever I see my father doing I do. (John 5:19)

Thank you for leading the way. Touch me/us with your healing. Please give us ears to hear, eyes to see, and hearts that lead our tongues in words of love and truth.

Lord Jesus: Thank you, John. Holy Spirit is with us to keep us in sync! You can hear me saying: “Rest in me. My yoke is useful and my burden is light!”

You are filled and empowered by the very same Holy Spirit that filled and strengthed me to walk out our Papa’s will during my on-the-planet time.

Me/John: Good morning, Holy Spirit, thank you for bringing us to Papa Father and Lord Jesus. Indeed, without your indwelling love and power, we would drift away from them and chase our vain longings. But you move in us and about us with groanings beyond words. We groan too because you groan over the groanings of this creation (Romans 8:22-26).

Thank you for letting us see what can be even though we can’t cross over Jordan just yet! We can at least know, believe, and lift your love up to live it up while we are down here. Thank you.

Holy Spirit: Thank you, John, I delight to do Papa Father and Lord Jesus’ will. I am willing and working in you too (Philippians 2:13)

Me/John: Thank you, ALL! Happy Lord’s Day!

John Parker