“Old men will dream dreams” Acts 2:17

My (John Parker’s) Dream today: The four-inch-long light-brown beetles (in my hand or a small bag) and I barged in on a church board meeting to get volunteers to care for the beetles. Enthusiastically, I appealed for them to take one or more beetles and care for them. The room was full of people near me in the center of the room and seated around all the walls. The room was about 20×20 feet. There were 30-40 people present, nicely dressed and pleasant enough. They were startled and curious as they turned to listen to my beetle pitch. My dream ended without any beetle foster-supporters volunteering or any obvious interest from the group.

Observations: The beetles were nice and easy to handle. They were ugly but not frightening for me, and I didn’t mind touching and holding them (in real life, I am not a big beetle-handling fan). I wonder why I barged in. I wasn’t angry. I think I knew that barging in was the best shot I had to distribute the beetles (who wants a beetle in their life, anyway?). I sensed that the “board” needed to hear all this.

Interpretation: As usual, I asked the Lord for the interpretation. Nothing. Then, as I was coming back from brewing coffee and approaching my computer to journal some more, I clearly heard:

“Wrong Market.”

That startled me. I chuckled at the clarity and simplicity. Curious, I did a Google search: “Market for Beetles”. Here’s what I found:  

  1. Five photos of beetle killer sprays, bait, and traps appeared at the top of the page.
  2. The Volkswagen Beetle (VW) is being discontinued (2018 story) after almost 80 years on the market. It was once advertised with a photo as: “Ugly is only skin-deep.”
  3. Collectors will pay big money for rare beetles—often on the black market and illegally.
  4. Some entomologists, like Richard Jones, love them. (article).

Jones writes: “If an alien civilization (sic) arrived on Earth and, with limited time and limited resources, wanted to understand how life here operates, all it need do is to study beetles and dismiss everything else as sampling error. Beetles are, without any doubt, the most important organisms on the planet.”

So, what “interpretation” do you hear, see, sense, or discern from the Lord, yourself, or anywhere, about this dream?

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