I said to the LORD* (Papa Father, Lord Jesus, and Holy Ruah/Wind/Spirit), “I love you.”**

And they said back, “We all love you too, John. We are with you in your journey-steps today, and we are with you in the big-picture fullness of our plan for you and our kingdom.”

I responded, “Thank you. That is all I need!”

Then I added,

  • “Jesus, you inspire me (Hebrews 12:2-3);
  • Ruah (Holy Spirit) you restore me (Psalm 23:3); and
  • Papa, you bring your perfectly ordered mystery to me” (Romans 7:22).

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*1.) I sit, hang out and visit with all three persons of the Godhead in the heavenlies. (see Ephesians 2:6)

** 2.) This is the full statement I said to the LORD, “I love you Papa Father Lord God of Adam, Abel, Seth, and Noah. You pled with Cain and protected him. His great (times 4) grandson, Lamech never talked with you; it seems—human power and culture came from his lineage. Thankfully, after that, Seth and, his son, Enosh’s story begins with “And people began to call upon the name of the Lord.” Agriculture, fine arts, and metallurgy really came from Lamech’s sons. I want to be part of Seth’s line. I know we have both lines in our earthly lineage. I still want Seth’s line and your kingdom to come–with those who call on you!”