Regarding Dreams: Joseph, son of Jacob says: “Don’t interpretations come from God? Tell me the dream(s).” (Genesis 40:8)  

I had two dreams early Sunday Morning (today).

The Dreams:

Scene 1. Wolves: I’m in the mountains taking a little-used path to our ministry gathering and I happen upon a pack of wolves. I am outnumbered and see no way out. If I run they will chase me. Now they see me and begin circling—a smaller, darker wolf circles around to my right—I am feeling trapped. Suddenly, a lady dressed in typical outdoor mountain garb appears, takes charge, and all is well. The wolves are gone and the dream ends.

Scene 2. I am at the beach with Pacific islanders, They are hanging out and sometimes interacting with manatee-like creatures (or very gentle sea-lions) who are resting in the shallow waters. It appears that an older group of Methodists (reminiscent of the kind folks I pastored for 15 years in Chowchilla) are also there. They have beautifully embroidered hand towels on display and probably for sale.

My Observations about the Dreams:

Scene 1. The wolves scared me but didn’t harm me. The lady had no weapons and was fully confident and reassuring. I don’t know her. She happened upon the situation and took charge to protect me. I am thankful.

Scene 2. As I looked online and learned about the manatee, I felt tender and sensed the Lord was showing me his side of things. Does a manatee hate itself because it is homely (not the glamorous whale) and does it reject itself for not being robust and gruff like a sea lion? Probably not. God wants me to freshly embrace my self and style within his creation.

God’s Interpretation of the Dreams:

Scene 1. You are going places! The wolves can’t harm you. We have “angels” human and angelic.

Scene: 2. You are staying places! Rest with your fellow-islanders, the manatees, and the gentle people.

Good morning, Papa Father, Lord Jesus, and Holy Ruah! I love you more and more every day.

Thank you, Lord, for slowing me down me. It allows me to find fears and anxieties and to find you and others in a better way. Less fear more spirit.

Thank you, Lord, for commitments.